Thanks for human rights 【USA Mail magazine from the White House  2018-03-20b 】 West Wing Reads | Trump vows tougher borders to fight opioid epidemic

Thanks for human rights

【USA Mail magazine from the White House  2018-03-20b 】

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Trump vows tougher borders to fight opioid epidemic

President Donald J. Trump traveled today to Manchester, New Hampshire, outlining his Administration’s plan to combat the nationwide opioid epidemic.“The speech marked the unveiling of the White House’s plan to combat the opioid epidemic, consisting of a three-pronged approach: reducing the demand and over-prescription of opioids, cutting off the supply of illegal drugs and boosting access to treatment.” Rachel Roubein writes in The Hill.

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Betsy Klein writes in CNN that Ivanka Trump is “focusing her attention on workforce development and skills-based education as the White House and Congress turn to infrastructure.” Ms. Trump traveled to Iowa today, visiting the Waukee Innovation and Learning Center's APEX program with Gov. Kim Reynolds (R-IA). “Trump toured the facility, meeting with students and faculty, and discussing skills-based training and tech education,” Klein notes.
Sally Persons reports in The Washington Times that “Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said Monday that President Trump is committed to reducing the number of prescribed opioids and retraining physicians on how to handle pain management.” While appearing on Fox News this morning, Secretary Azar described the President’s goal: “Within three years, we will reduce the prescribing of legal opioids by one-third.”
President Donald Trump will speak to millennials this week at a conference touting how his policies benefit young people, while also addressing the growing opioid crisis among the young and the lack of free speech on college campuses,” Fred Lucas reports in The Daily Signal. Lucas writes that in place of a traditional speech, Thursday’s event will include an interview with the President by conservative advocate Charlie Kirk.
From the White House to the steps of the Alaska State Capitol, the need to maintain and improve our roads, buildings, and other critical infrastructure is evident,” writes Marc Luiken, Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities. In the Peninsula Clarion, Commissioner Luiken highlights President Trump’s “efforts in proposing a framework to rebuild our nation’s crumbling infrastructure.”

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