#MeToo Human rights victim! To Terrisa Mei British Prime Minister 2018-05-29: Is there a desert in Istanbul? In Japan, "Istanbul" is famous even if you do not know "Turkey".

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Dear Sirs, I am Japanese.
North Korea is not the only illegal abduction detention. Please help.

In Japan, "Istanbul" is famous even if you do not know "Turkey".

That's because "Shono Mayo" sang "Tonde Istanbul" and it made a big hit.


For the Japanese, "Turkey is Speaking of" Tonde Istanbul "is the most famous place name in Turkey as it is said to be.
"Tonde = fly" But this song is a song that depicts a sentimental journey of a broken-hearted woman,
In the lyrics, "desert" which is completely unrelated to Istanbul has appeared.
Shono visited Istanbul for the first time in 1980, two years after the hit.
She learned that the exotic image of the desert in the lyrics is completely different from the actual landscape of Turkey.
She states the situation at that time, "The snow was dancing how beautiful in Istanbul.
Moreover, it has high humidity. "Exotic" and "snow" do not match at all,
She says she was surprised at this climate.

Even now, many Japanese Turkish think "I fly and Istanbul".

A public prosecutor in the interrogation, whose logic of the law can not be said, "I am great.
I can imprisonment you "" If you admit it will be a fine punishment "
"Send to jail if you do not approve"
And I said to the prosecutor the logic of the law, he said "Who do you believe in you?"
No one believed the fact.

But the prison officer said that.
No prison officer thinks you as a criminal. Nagano Gumbare!

Prosecutor's privilege is big.
These ideas make Japan a dictatorship.
Please look at North Korea of ​​the same Confucian nation. Nobody goes against power.
However, someday the authorities will collapse in rebel movement.
This will be understood if everyone sees the history of the world.

What do all of you in the world think?
Do not forgive the administrators who were confident in power.

Prime Minister Teliza Mei, please just support the British citizen and me and the victims of the world with justice.

The material is below.


It is not enough for materials alone. Please contact us.
I need your courage. Sincerely yours, Yasuhiro Nagano

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