To Terrisa Mei British Prime Minister 2018-06-01: Fresh and healthy Carpenters' sound matches the times, Both "Old" and "Young", both men and women were drunk by Carpenters' singing voice. I am also in that era.

<Public mail> #MeToo Human rights victim!

Dear Sirs, I am Japanese.
North Korea is not the only illegal abduction detention. Please help.

Carpenters is a popular brother and sister group in the 1970s, not only in the United States and the UK but also in Japan.

The era was Vietnam anti war and student movement.
It is a strangely whitish age after the hippies of love and peace have failed.
Society has sought healing and salvation as it was after the times when everything was excessive.

The fresh and healthy carpenters' sound matches the times,
Both "Old" and "Young", both men and women were drunk by Carpenters' singing voice. I am also in that era.

Carpenters Yesterday Once More

To my affair, the municipal councilor went to the office of a lawyer who is advising the former Democratic Party of Japan,
I took a me and went to consult. Of course, materials were submitted in advance.

The lawyer says, "Because the Chinese who illegally worked are in prison for illegal work,
Assistance charges will be established ". If it is a fine punishment it will not be established.

That's not it,
The "counsel" written in the "indictment" is stated in Article 22-4-4 of the Immigration Control Act.
So, I insisted that the immigration law would take precedence in the logic of law.

But lawyers, criminal assistance charges take precedence. I say.
I will not talk.

Another lawyer explicitly says that it is "application law violation."
The application law violation is not on the reason for applying for "retrial request".

So, I will prosecute prosecutors who charged with violating the applicable law,
Prosecutors will not accept the claim. What do you think, everyone?

Prime Minister Teliza Mei, please just support the British citizen and me and the victims of the world with justice.

The material is below.

It is not enough for materials alone. Please contact us.
I need your courage. Sincerely yours, Yasuhiro Nagano

It is open to the program below.

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