Dear Sirs International people. Saturday version July 28, 2018: Let's request the Chinese "liberalization of the Renminbi" to end the trade war. President Donald Trump will throw a straight ball against China and do "fight".

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President Donald Trump is seriously working on resolving the trade deficit ($ 366 billion).
The majority of the US trade deficit is China.
However, since negotiations with China do not progress,
it is becoming a trade war involving even allies.

President Donald Trump should first resolve the trade deficit with China.
President Donald Trump has taken "additional tariffs" as a countermeasure,
but it will not be a countermeasure.
President Donald Trump has to say "justice" to China.
"Justice" is "liberalization of the yuan".
Seeking for a complete renminbi liberalization is the same as "free capital movement".
Rather than blaming President Donald Trump's policy,
the leaders of the international community should demand "liberalization of the yuan" to China.

In "additional tariffs", "former cabinet counselor,
Mr. Yoichi Takahashi" points out that nothing serves a role.

"A" decline "of" RMB market "is occurring against the background of the trade friction
between the US and China."

Although "the two countries" seems to be negotiating at "Under the water",
apparently China seems to be doing "operation" of "Renminbi" as well.

"RMb Rate" is not "floating exchange rate system",
but "controlled market" controlled by the Chinese government.

It has gradually declined since April and now it is cheaper by about 6%.

In the US, it raises the rate, and even if it is a floating exchange rate,
it is "easy to swing" to the dollar's high.

Actually, even in emerging countries other than China,
the exchange rate is headed towards the dollar's rise,
so it can be said that the Chinese authorities have accepted the weakening of the Renminbi.

What will happen to the "buyer" in the United States if the United States imposes tariffs
and China lowers "Renminbi"?

In the United States, tariffs of 25% will be applied to about 10% of imports from China,
but all items will be "cheaper" by 6%.

In other words, about 10% will be "20% higher", while 90% will be 6% cheaper.

As a result, what about imports from China?
Depending on "price elasticity" of imported goods,
that is, "fluctuation of import amount according to price",
it may be rather increased.
In the short term the US "trade deficit with China" may further expand.

Trump regime, please end the trade war.
There is only one policy for that.

"Liberalization of the Renminbi".
Please "fight" with a straight ball.

China is the second largest country in the world with GDP.
Each country should stop 'special treatment' against China.

Japan has returned to the prewar thought.
Japan ignores international law.
The material is below.

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Sincerely yours, Yasuhiro Nagano

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