Dear Sirs International people. Sunday version: July 22, 2018: Expand the function of "immigration detention center" to provide an independent country (region) that can earn income by making economic refugee town! Let's support the environment where refugees can live with confidence.

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According to the report, at the European Union summit meeting,
we got a preliminary agreement on immigration policy.
The main agreement is to establish immigration detention centers
in volunteer countries where immigrants first arrive,
to classify illegal immigrants and people with refugee qualifications,
and to distribute the latter to the EU countries.
And to make "departure platform" outside EU such as North Africa.

However, Morocco, Tunisia, Albania,
and others expressed opposition to their establishment in their own country.
We reviewed the review of the Dublin Agreement that mandated refugee application
in the first country of arrival.
Italy has said that it will not install a storage center,
and many view that the implementation of this agreement is uncertain.

I think, after all, what is decided. Nothing has been decided.

Citizens of each country do not accept.
It is understandable to exclude economic refugees.
I am afraid that refugees who are not accepted think
that Europe's mental change is unreasonable, "terror".

Refugees are not responsible. The place of birth was bad.
He acted with the desire to live a little like a European person.
I want to accept economic refugees if I think about refugee's feelings.

I think the Japanese who surrendered unconditionally to the Second World War were
the same as refugees who are now aiming for Europe.

Fortunately, the Allies converted Japan into a freedom and democratic country,
and gave work and food and education.
The Japanese was delighted with the defeat.
And thanked freedom and democracy. And I worked hard.

And Japan became a rich country like Europe.

I would like to do the same to refugees aiming for Europe.
To do that, we need an area to accept them. As an administrative area
of ​the United Nations "immigration detention center"

I would like to accept and create regions (countries) just like Japan.

Japan has returned to the prewar thought.
Japan ignores international law.The material is below.
Since the translated document is inaccurate, please email us.

Sincerely yours, Yasuhiro Nagano

For uncertainties, please contact us!


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