#metoo Human rights victim! Dear Sirs International people. Saturday version July 21, 2018: Chinese "socialist market economy" should shift to "democratic market economy". It should be excluded from the WTO if it does not migrate.

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China is now the second largest economic power in the world.
It is said that it is said to be a factory in the world,
it is a country of manufacturing industry that meets global needs.

It is internationally accused of infringement of intellectual property rights
such as food disguising and manufacture and distribution of counterfeit goods.

Problems of wages of workers and problems of working environment are reported.

"The child was working for 12 hours at a factory of PC parts." "A 17-year old girl stays
at the sewing plant endlessly"

On November 30, 2017, WeChat of the ringball net muttered.
"German companies threaten to withdraw from the group from China,
the reason being in the party chapter"

"On 24 November, the German company's public membership organization
in China" Germany German Chamber of Commerce "suddenly issued an amazing statement
that China has forced German companies to set up" party chapters "
If we intrude into the stratum and try to interfere with the decision making
of the company, Germany is to withdraw all domestic companies from China. "

Looking at these facts, China can not be considered as a member of "market economy".

Unfair trade with China. WTO member countries not pointing out that.

President Donald Trump said that the United States would withdraw from the WTO.

I think that America should not withdraw from the WTO,
but should withdraw China from the WTO.

Merchants in each country benefit from importing products manufactured
by Chinese laborers working under harsh working conditions.
All the wealth of the world is concentrated in China.
Politicians are helping it.

I think that China should be expelled from the WTO at least
until China has become a government elected
by ordinary elections just like a democratic state.
Now, the world should turn to China's democratization.

Japan has returned to the prewar thought. Japan ignores international law.

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