To President Trump 2018-07-17: President Donald Trump declares that he will recover the rule of law of the United States in the illegal immigration issue.

<Public mail> #MeToo Human rights victim!

To President Trump

2018-07-17: President Donald Trump declares that
he will recover the rule of law of the United States in the illegal immigration issue.
Everyone, please participate in the recovery of Japanese rule of law.
Japan Bar Association also surrendered. Help me.

Dear Sirs, I am Japanese. In order for Japan to regain the rule of law!
Ladybug [serial 3] A false incident of a violation of the immigration law,
a fight with the state power! Currently in series. please read.

In the United States and other EU countries, the immigration refugee problem is a political issue.
President Donald Trump receives condemnation only
by moving illegal immigrants out of the United States based on federal law.
President Donald Trump declares that he will restore the rule of law.

Japan has been moving out of the country illegally against immigrants who have legally entered.

Immigrant refugee policy that violates the Japanese government's international law
should be condemned.

I have already explained the details of the incident,
but in order to explain it in more detail,
I am writing the details of the incident in the form of non-fiction on blog,
so please have a look.

Ladybug [Series 3] False incidents of violation of Immigration Act, fight against state power!

This case is illegal arrest of applicable law errors.
As a crime reason for my crime,
the indictment stated Fact of providing false employment contract to Chinese people.

Article 22-4 (Rescission of Status of Residence)
It is the provision of 2010 at the time of the incident.

When the Minister of Justice finds any of the facts listed in each of the following items,
he   she may rescind the status of residence the foreigner actually has.

①③ omitted
④ In cases other than those falling under (1) to (3),
when submitting a false document and receiving a seal of landing permission etc.
In this issue, it is not a requirement that a false or other illegal means is used,
and it is not necessary for the applicant to be deliberate.
⑤ Omission

As mentioned above, even if I provide the Chinese with a false employment contract

It is the assistance act of ④ of Article 22-4. Article 22-4 is administrative penalty
for cancellation of status of residence.

For the administrative disposition of Cancellation of Status of Residence,
the criminal law 'sin to assist' can not be applied.

I applied for relief of human rights violation to the Japan Bar Association.

The result is that the Japan Bar Association says There is no power.

Japan is completely out of the rule of law.

Japanese politicians legislate in the National Assembly,
but even if judicial administration is done contrary to legislation it is pretending not to know.

Help me.
Details are serialized in the categories of the following sites.
Ladybug [Series 3] A false fault of violation of Immigration Control Act,
a fight with the case power of the country!

President Donald Trump wrote in a reply to e-mail As president,
I will restore the rule of law. American security can not be maintained
unless the world regains the rule of law. President Donald Trump
and all the leaders of the international community,
I sincerely hope that you will be involved in this case.

Sincerely yours, Yasuhiro Nagano

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Yasuhiro Nagano

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