To Everyone in the world 2018-08-01:It is the continuation of the previous day.

<Public mail> #MeToo Human rights victim!

 President Donald Trump is challenging the rule of law.
I appeal to the Japanese government and politicians "criminal offenses such as police officers" every day.
Why does the Chinese government and the Philippine government do not protect their citizens?
It seems that it is stuck in the Japanese government's honey trap.

Dear Sirs, I am Japanese.
It is a "self crime" by a police officer, a public prosecutor, a judge, "an error of applicable law".
The aid acts of Article 22-4 (4) of the Immigration Control Act written
in the indictment (false document submission) can not be applied
for "assistance crime" of the "criminal law". And illegal 'arrest detention' is crime against humanity

It is the continuation of the previous day.

After "police house investigation". Lefco has lost credibility.
Lefco was borrowing from Mizuho Bank and Mitsubishi UFJ Bank.
At that time, I had provided Mizuho Bank with my home as "Netanpo".
And me and my sister and sister were "cooperating and guaranteeing".

Furthermore, it received guarantee of "Chiba prefecture credit guarantee association".
Even though I made Lefco's bankruptcy,
I tried to transfer only the "job of dispatching engineers" to the new company.

So I decided to repay on behalf of Lefco and quickly established a "future company".
However, as a result of my arrest, everything was completely gone.

Despite the fact that the policeman "is forcing" Lefco to bankrupt.

A policeman, knowing the establishment of a "future company" said, "Lefco is" a planned bankruptcy. "

I was deprived of all property rights, guaranteed by the Japanese Constitution.

I lost credit and income and I still have debt.

This is how the Japanese government does.
Even today the Japanese government does not "reflect on" this incident.

The Japanese government is like a North Korean government.

Although I was asking for patent registration on 2 patents related to mobile phones,
I was granted a patent examination for more than 2 years,
registration was approved but I was imprisoned in the Tokyo detention center,
so the patent office also I could not get in touch with you,
eventually I could not register and there was no sale of huge patents.

I am sending this e-mail to the Japanese government and politicians today as well.
It is a fact.

The Japanese government has an obligation to apologize and restore our honor
and to compensate damages as soon as possible.
However, the Japanese government has also crushed this case today.

There is a limit to life. Please help me. I will continue on tomorrow.

President Donald Trump 's reply encourages me.
President Donald J. Trump believes the strength of our American people
and their willingness to stay informed and get involved.
President Trump appreciates you taking the time to reach out.

The material is below.

Best regards Yasuhiro Nagano

Request to media ******************************************

This humanitarian crime is a more severe crime than a Japanese abduction crime by North Korea.
Please introduce the unbelievable "humanitarian crime of application law violation" of the officials of the Japanese government with your media!
Your justice action will lead to the elimination of terror crime from the earth!

International Criminal Court:
Japan officially became a Party of 105 countries on October 1, 2007.
The Rome Statute and its cooperation law came into force on October 1, 2007 under domestic law.

Rome Statute on the International Criminal Court
This case falls under the following case. This incident occurred in 2010.
Article 7 Crimes against humanity
(E) significant deprivation of detention and other physical freedoms
in violation of the basic rules of international law

Preamble · Article 1 (Court)
The International Criminal Court complements the criminal jurisdiction of the state.

Article 27 (irrelevance of public qualification)
The International Criminal Court Regulations, regardless of their public qualifications,
It applies equally to all.
Even heads of State, lawmakers, public officials are not exempt
from criminal liability based on the regulations.

My information *************************************************

I hope for justice as your journalist.
Please inquire.

It is published in the following program.

Yasuhiro Nagano

For uncertainties, please contact us!



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