To President Trump 2018-08-06: They become criminals. And they forcibly expel themselves out of the country as "criminals". It is the same "illegal labor". This is "unfair" disposition. Everyone in the international community, please worry about the situation in Japan.

<Public mail> #MeToo Human rights victim!

To President Trump

2018-08-06: President Donald Trump is challenging the rule of law.
Since I am not a politician,
I am accusing the international community "crime of police officials etc everyday".
Why does the Chinese government and the Philippine government do not protect their people
from the Japanese government?
It seems that it is stuck in the Japanese government's honey trap.

Dear Sirs, I am Japanese. The international community seems to be stuck
with the Japanese government's honey trap.

It is the damage of "Kin Gungaku".
He, like me, was made a criminal for the aid of his assistance to the "crime of labor other than
the status of residence" by four Chinese,
in the case of a violation of the Immigration Act of 2010.

The reason was forcibly repatriated to China after receiving "imprisonment sentence
(execution suspension time)" as having done "assistance act"
of immigration law 22-4-4 (cancellation of status of residence by submitting false documents).

"KInGungaku" received a prison sentence of one and a half years (three years suspended execution)
and a fine of one million yen. The reason is due to malicious false complaint insulting
the Japanese law of police officers and prosecutors and abuse of official abilities.

He lost physical suffering, mental suffering and social trust.
I also lost the Chinese restaurant I got at the 10 million yen we saved for the brokerage reward.

And he was arrested,
detained and tried, he was forced to return to China from Japan,
he lost all credit, property and income etc.

"Branding of criminals" that he received is a heavy burden to the life in China.
Urgently, the prosecution should recover his honor and compensate.

If it was only a Japanese, the prosecutor said (I am great)
and can crush. However, since Japanese law is "Explicit Law",
it can not be "crushed" internationally.

The Japanese government took the innocent Chinese as a sinner,
deprived money (fine) and repatriated to China.

The international community should also tell the Chinese government!

What is the Chinese government doing!
The Chinese government should protect the people from the Japanese government!

Since illegal acts in violation of Immigration Control Law in 2010 will not be corrected,
these illegal acts are occurring every day.

The prosecutors have two criteria arbitrarily against the "illegal labor" of foreigners.
1. Foreigners such as "overstay" do not do "criminal disposition" in "illegal workers"
and make them "forced to move out of the country" according to the Immigration Control Act.

2. Those who "legally stay" do "criminal disposition" with "crime of doing illegal work".
They become criminals.
And they forcibly expel themselves out of the country as "criminals".

It is the same "illegal labor". This is "unfair" disposition.

Everyone in the international community, please worry about the situation in Japan.
The Japanese government has an obligation to apologize and restore our honor
and to compensate damages as soon as possible.

However, the Japanese government has also crushed this case today.
There is a limit to life. Please help me.

President Donald Trump 's reply encourages me.
President Donald J. Trump believes the strength of our American people
and their willingness to stay informed and get involved.
President Trump appreciates you taking the time to reach out.

The material is below.

Best regards Yasuhiro Nagano

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Yasuhiro Nagano

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