Public Mail To the media of the international society! 2nd news from Japan!

Public Mail 

To the media of the international society! 2nd news from Japan!

2017-12-28: I will inform you today of President Cardamom, the countries of the world,
and the international community
The illegality of misappropriation law applicable to the assistant violation case infiltrated
by the Japanese government NO: 4

In case
In Japan, the fact that judicial administration is totally different
from "governance under the law" proposed by Prime Minister Abe is stated.

Japan needs "governance under the law".

In Japan, like this case, "Criminal offense against applicable law" is a routine event.
Because it is a human, there are errors.

If you apologize, restore honor and compensate you,
it can be said that governance under the law is done.

However, the act of crushing the case is not governance under the law.

It is an act equal to terrorism.

This is the fact of Japan's justice. Help me!

On a daily basis, "humanitarian crimes" caused
by international law violations are taking place.

The collapsing act of the Japanese government's "humanitarian crime" is no longer "terrorist acts".

We have already filed complaints (information notices) to ICC,
but please also support international society.

And please also press the ICC to investigate this issue with top priority
in solving the terrorism problem and the abduction issue of North Korea.

If you are a media etc., please check the logic of the stated law and report the facts.

And please campaign to the Japanese government to do "rule under the law"!

Children can understand the logic of law.
I do not need interpretation in this description.
It is as described in Immigration Law.

I sent this e-mail to many people, and published it with many programs and SNS.
The Internet records the delivery facts. And everyone will be witnesses of history.
Let's move the history of the earth! Yasuhiro Nagano

Please see below for the contents of the complaint against ICC (information notice).

The content of the e-mail today is as follows.

Dear Sirs, I am Japanese. I respect the great president.

Last time, No: 3 continuation. In case

The aid for assisting illegal employment
of the Immigration Control Act is not a criminal aid for the criminal law,
but as "special law, an" illegal employment promotion crime "has been enacted
in the Immigration Control Act,
which should be completed by applying this law.

However, contrary to the legislative purpose of the National Assembly,
we do not punish business operators,
illegally arresting and holding only foreigners,
and arbitrarily criminalizing them for illegal work.

Clearly, we are conducting judicial administration contrary to international law.

In this case, as a criminal fact,
the fact that the former offender received a false document (employment contract)
from Company L, submitted it to Tokyo immigration office,
and renewed the status of residence is stated.

This act describes aid acts against administrative penal acts of Article
22-4-4 (Rescission of Status of Residence) of Immigration Act 22.

However, since we apply the crime law aiding criminal law against illegal employment
(activities other than the status of qualification) applied law,
we go against the criminal law Article 31.
This fact reveals the actual state of Japanese illegal justice.

In this case, judicial officials collaborate with the mass media
and manipulate the information and publicize it as if arrested because
they did the act prescribed in "illegal employment promotion crime" to citizens,
but the indictment is a criminal assault for murder To the same extent as applied,
for the illegal employment of the Immigration Control Act, the assistance criminal act,
the general law, is applied.

I received a prison sentence and lost everything.

Next time, we will continue to No: 5.

Illegal abduction detention (violation of applicable law)
by the Japanese government is an international "humanitarian crime"!

Details of the incident can be found below.

I'd like to ask the President.
As a world police officer,
please rescue humanitarian crimes of the Japanese government.
Best regards,

(This message is sent not only to President Trump, but also to the world media etc.)


To the international society's media, today's scoop information!

Exhibition series "humanitarian crime in Japanese immigration problems"
It is an article published today.
The act of grasping the "humanitarian crime"
of the Japanese government is no longer "terrorist act".

The Japanese government legally accepts immigrants under the nominal terms
of foreign students and interns,
The purpose is to use as a simple worker. If it is not convenient,
it is expelled as a criminal outside the country.

Human rights issues contrary to international law
of the Japanese government must also be taken into account in the United Nations.

I think that the act of infringement of unlawful and illegal human rights
by the state invites terrorism.
The world must be governed under the law, based on international law.

All information is uploaded to the following HP.

The immigration policies of Europe and the United States are wonderful compared with Japan.
Please compare yourself with Japanese immigration problems.
I'm sure President Trump will be wonderful.

First of all, we ask the ICC to interview the facts.

Please, please support.
And let's eliminate terrorism from the world!

The above mentioned today, President Trump, Embassy of Japan in Tokyo,
OHCHR, ICC, Diet members, the media of the world,
I emailed to Japanese labor organizations, economic organizations, etc.
Since I am e-mail every day, please report with interest.

Yasuhiro Nagano

For uncertainties, please contact us!


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