Dear Sirs International people. Sunday version June 3, 2018 Let's think about WTO national treatment Second time!

<Public mail> #metoo Human rights victim!

According to the US trade statistics of 2017,
the trade deficit of goods increased by 8.1% from the previous year to 796.2 billion dollars.
It accounted for about half of the total,
and the deficit to China expanded to the greatest ever.

President Trump said that the employment of Americans is deprived
by foreign countries and the trade deficit is hostile.

As I mentioned last week,
I think that the trade deficit in the United States is due to the structure
of the country of the trading partner country.

One of the basic principles of the WTO is indiscriminate (national treatment).

From this point of view it is "to guarantee the same rights as the United States
to Chinese citizens and companies".

If it is, the rights of Chinese citizens and companies should be the same as in America.

China is a dictatorship by the Communist Party.
Most major shareholders of leading companies are state.

It is impossible for national companies and American private companies to compete equally.

First of all, the Chinese government itself must be a democratic government chosen
by "the general election" from all the people.

Human rights, such as the rights of workers,
must also be equivalent to the United States.

I sent letters and materials to the embassy in order to relieve the Chinese victims
of the illegal "Immigration Control Act" of the Japanese government.
Embassy staff called me.
Embassy staff understand the purpose,
but say that China will not protest against the Japanese government.

I understood the Chinese government's intention.

If the Chinese government condemns the "Japanese human rights abuses" of the Japanese government,
it is inevitable that it will become a boomerang
and condemn the human rights abuses of the Chinese government.

The unfair WTO problem is also related to familiar human rights issues.

Members of the WTO should promote free trade by defending human rights
under the democratic state!

Japan has returned to the prewar thought. Japan ignores international law.
The material is below.
Since the translated document is inaccurate, please email us.
Sincerely yours, Yasuhiro Nagano

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